200 gig hard drive

So I got a 200G hard drive today. My dad decided to buy it for me as payment for all of the work I've been doing trying to get his printer working exactly the way he wants it.

Mmmmm. New hardware. I've completed the move of my /home over to the new drive, and now it's just a matter of wiping the 20G drive with my operating systems on it and using the 40G drive that previously held /home as my new OS drive. (I can fit more operating systems in 40G than I can in 20G! WOOOHOOO!)

Also, having the laser printer connected to the Mac works seamlessly with KDE over the network. I just pointed a KDE app at the Mac's IP, and it automatically grokked the print queue and even showed me both printers that have been connected to the Mac - nifty stuff. I love open source software.

(still have to make progress on some sort of a KDE-pyblosxom client. moving that to the top of the TODO, once I'm done screwing with the hard drives.)