4AM once again

So, I have a confession to make.

I've been using Gossip as my Jabber client for a while. Which has been working out fairly well, since the UI is nice and clean. But there's been this slight annoyance with it - every time that I close a chatwindow in Gossip, it forgets how big the window was. Just completely forgets it.

This behavior finally got annoying enough that I put some gloves on, dug down deep, closed my eyes, and massaged some GNOME code.

The good news is, I lived. I have survived to tell the tale.

The bad news is, it was scary. And I feel sort of dirty.

It took a few hours to work out exactly what needed to go where, but overall it wasn't quite as terrifying as I had thought it would be. My underscore key did get quite a workout though. And I got to determine a few more reasons why I'm definitely glad to be a KDE developer. (Namespaces. Classes. God, I never thought I'd be so happy to look at classes again.)