And now for something completely the same.

So I just went through a fairly messy breakup with Mickey, who I'd been with for well over a year and a half. It turns out that she slept with her (ex?)-best-friend Andrew back in October, and I found out about it just in time for Christmas. Great Christmas present.

Ugh. I feel like an ass. I guess it's a good thing that it happened at this point instead of later on, down the road, after more wasted time and such. Still, it sucks. I hate being alone. I had almost conquered my adequacy issues for a while there, too. Not to mention my problems with trusting people.

And then today I find out another great bit of news: Mickey's already got a new boyfriend. Way to go. I want her to be happy. I want to be happy too though, and this doesn't help me towards that goal at all. Two days ago she was swearing up and down that she didn't want to date anyone ever again and that she'd wait forever for me to forgive her and then this turns up. Good times. I have no idea how long it'll take me to get over her. Steff and I only dated for three or four months, but it took me a year and a half before I was ready for another relationship; I'm afraid of how long it might take before I'm actually ready for the next one, if there'll even be a next one.

(For those among you who don't know - Steff was my first serious girlfriend and Steph is her ex-best-friend. Steff and I don't talk. Steff and Steph don't talk. Steph and I talk all the time, and we're pretty good friends.)

Oh well. The road trip to Colorado was awesome. Hands-down the most fun I've had in years. Steph is awesome. And I forgot just how well Kyle and I get along. He's a rarity, I think - a truly great friend, not just someone fun to hang out with but someone that I know would take a bullet for me and someone I'd take do the same for without a second thought. You don't stumble across a friendship like that too often. Steph is completely head over heels for him, of course; and his girlfriend Krystal is also amazing. She's really cute, and she seems like a great match for him. I'm glad for him - they make a good couple. Steph isn't so glad, as she's so into him, but she'll have to figure out some way of dealing with it.

Speaking of Steph, it turns out that her grandmother died a day or two after we got back from CO. Not cool. It kind of puts a shitty pall over the memory of the trip because we were sitting there having a grand ol' time while her grandma was dying. Another reason for me to feel like an ass.

I love my keyboard. Logitech stuff hasn't impressed me this much in the past, but now I'm thinking that my next keyboard purchase will probably also be a Logitech as well. I still like the Microsoft optical mice though.

KDE stuff is always interesting. I got free access to the Lindows ISOs today by virtue of my being a KDE developer as well as eV member. I sent an email to Michael Robertson (CEO of Lindows and generally very cool guy) mentioning that I'd be more than happy to work with Lindows to develop a distinctive and professional GUI widget style for them but I haven't heard anything back yet.