i thought you were gonna adopt one of us

So on Thursday, I get a phone call around five in the evening.

It's my mom. I flip a coin and decide "WTF, might as well answer it."

She says, "I'm at the airport. You should come pick me up." I respond with, "Haha, mom. Very funny, but that'd be my line, remember?"

(Backstory: Around Christmas, I was on the phone with the family and I tell my mom this plan that I've been cooking for a few weeks, which was basically that I was going to neglect to inform anyone in advance of my plans to come visit. Meaning that, once I did show up, I'd be totally unexpected and unannounced. It's more fun that way. I explained that the only notice that she'd have would be my phone call from the airport, saying, "Hey, you should come pick me up or something.")

Apparently, my mom and I think more alike than even I want to admit. She had already bought her ticket to come up here by the time that we had this conversation around the holidays. She's here now, sitting on the sofa near me, rocking out to Bon Jovi.

And there's food in the fridge again.

Damn, I love having my mommy around.