and I've heard great things, Kevin

Got another new keyboard. The Logitech one that I was happy with before ended up not being nearly as rockalicious as I had initially thought. Programmable keys, yada yada, USB blah blah, shitty. No, caillon was cool enough to buy me a Model M keyboard. CLICKETY FOR LIFE!

And since I have had this one in my hands, I have realized just how much faster and more accurately I type on these keyboards. I missed that feeling. If only someone would make a USB-native Model M... (Oh, and I ordered another one from eBay which was apparently delivered to my apartment's office building this morning but I wasn't here.)

Seriously. These keyboards totally rule.

Incidentally, the one that caillon purchased was in fact not an original Model M but remade by the Keepers of the One True Keyboard, those saints at PC Keyboard. These guys rule. I have no relation to them save that of the delighted recipient of one of their fine products.