another day, another server

The machine which was previously hosting (my domain) was compromised recently. So I set about finding new hosting, and I did thanks to Warren Togami (a coworker of mine at Red Hat) so you are now seeing on a brand-new box.

One interesting side effect of this is that my weblog is now statically generated instead of dynamically so. I haven't really changed the layout or anything, or even the design, but the filesystem paths have been played with a bit and the configuration has been gently tweaked. So now my blog should be even faster.

Oh, and planet KDE has a new home as well. Thanks to Stephen Depooter, it's now on a separate machine from and very unscientific cursory testing shows to me that it's even more well-connected than it was before. So, despite the fact that the breakin shut down the sites, I think that they're both better off now. And my mail seems to have mostly caught up with itself. Which is good.

now that I've been forced to get off my ass and actually look over the files on the site, I've done a little tiny bit of maintenance and cleaned up a few things that were previously still around. I may even get around to doing the aforementioned redesign at some point! But I don't want to make any promises, so I won't.