So, I have had a lot of respect for the GNOME hackers for a long time. I have been incredibly happy that the core hackers in each camp have got along with cheerfulness, decorum and mutual respect - even while some overzealous members of our user communities have flamed and bickered, generating this idea of "The Desktop War".

But this week, a bunch of actual GNOME developers - not random gimps being idiots - have acted like children and made everyone working on the Linux desktop look like a bunch of juveniles. I'm very disappointed.

How do they expect corporations to take Linux desktop efforts seriously with a release name like "That and a pair of testicles"? Some people have mentioned that this won't reflect badly on KDE since GNOME and KDE are only related by virtue of being alternatives to eachother; they might have a point, but in reality, nobody in the Windows world knows the difference between KDE and GNOME and this sort of crap makes Linux desktop acceptance that much more difficult for everyone involved.

Very disappointed.