dogtail unleashed

Today is a pretty cool day for me because a project I've been working on at work is finally released.


dogtail is a framework written in Python which makes it easy to write scripts to automate graphical applications. It uses AT-SPI which means that (for now) it doesn't work with KDE, but I fought the good fight to make sure that it has no GNOME dependencies so that hopefully there will be a chance of KDE adopting it in the future. Now that we've finally gotten the release out the door, I plan to track KDE svn and write scripts for KDE4 apps. Ideally, we'll have KDE4 support before KDE4 is actually released.

(I know that there's a tool from KDAB which allows one to automate KDE apps, but it's not Open Source and it only works with KDE; dogtail supports anything that we can see through AT-SPI, which includes and Mozilla-based applications as well as, hopefully, KDE4.)