domain transfers

I've had this domain for a while; I personally thought it was cute, and kind of a good tongue-in-cheek joke amongst my friends and myself, but it's about to expire, and so I'm in the process of transferring the domain registry to another registrar. (Rick at is really cool, but I don't have e-gold, and his rates aren't the lowest... so since I'm rather strapped for cash these days, I had to find someone cheaper. Of course, I can't afford to lose any email, either...)

in other news, I've been trying to grok a lot more design knowledge from a few guys with some really good taste. Namely, the Design Fab Five. Good stuff from them, and I like a lot of their ideas. Except for Flash - which I'm not diametrically opposed to, but I just have no use for. So my site really is getting a redesign; I'm not sure exactly what it'll end up looking like, but I'll leave the option for everyone to continue to use this particular design if they really like it. This one is a hybrid of a couple designs I saw on OSWD, plus a few custom modifications that I made myself.