drunken monkeys

Heh. I almost forgot that we went to go meet with a couple of Ximian guys in Cambridge last night. Ray, John Palmieri, Dan Reed and myself all met up right outside the T and we were completely pimped out in our stylish red fedoras (those hats rock). We had dinner at this cool place called CBC - can't remember what it stood for - and then we met the monkeys over at a pool hall.

Dave Camp is a funny motherfucker.

And Luis Villa is also pretty funny, but in a more quiet sort of way. Dave is funny in an "I'm the asshole that everyone loves to hate" way, which is fine with me. Upon seeing us in our (ridiculously sexy) red hats, he told us to get the hell out of his bar. We laughed, and then someone mentioned that I'm the guy he should kick out since I work on KDE. (I think that it might've been me who mentioned it, but anyway.) So then he looks at me and proceeds to tell me "Ok, they're cool, but YOU definitely need to leave." And then we had a fun time bullshitting about various things, including the whole Novell/Ximian/SUSE craziness.

Dave's version of a meeting with one of our KDE guys over at SUSE in Germany:

"So, what're you gonna do if they pick GNOME?"
"I'm going to quit." ::pause:: "What're you going to do if they pick KDE?"
"I'm gonna quit."
"Well, cheers!" ::drinking::