excitement in the air

Finally feels like things are going places. I just got back from a great week and a half in Arizona on Wednesday night; for whatever reason, I came down with a fever almost immediately after I got back, which included a really nasty throat condition where it hurt to swallow. Fever broke a day or two ago, but the throat still hurts. Nasty.

For the first time since I can remember, Arizona was actually fun to be in. I had a BLAST. Kyle came down from Colorado; I got to see pretty much every single one of my friends; I got a tattoo; and I did some other things which I'm quite proud of, but which aren't fit to print, especially not on a public blog like this. I even got to say "goodbye" to a few of my old teachers from high school, which was awesome.

And, to top it all off, I move into my new apartment on Tuesday (yeah, I got approved!) and two weeks from that, I start at redhat. Even cooler is that daniels is coming up on July 11th, and we're gonna go crash OLS and kick some ass in Canada.

Oh, and apparently (according to Steph) I've become some sort of a pimp. Can't argue with that. :)