Google Dinner beta

I spent most of this week at LinuxWorld in Boston (and the very beginning of the week at the XDevConf, which ajax took notes of) so my legs are killing me. But last night, Google sponsored this amazingly kick-ass dinner for a few dozen of us free software hacker types, and it was completely badass.

They had some issues with their food distribution algorithms though. Hopefully next year, if they roll out Google Dinner 2.0, they'll have that algorithm sorted out. (It took an inordinate amount of time to get our food since everyone had to wait in a huge line to get served - there's definitely room for optimization there, I think.)

I talked Dave Jones into coming along and we had an awesome time. As soon as we walked in, we were accosted by Google folks who made us fill out some registration cards. One of the fields on the card said "Desired position" so I asked the woman (who had an amazingly kick-ass Google shirt, one with a female symbol on one of the 'o's in Google, but I digress) "What does this 'desired position' field mean?"

"We want to know, if you were to work for us, what position would you want to have?"

This stunned me. What an amazingly smart way of getting people interested. So davej and I filled in "spaceman" and "Batman" respectively. I mean, if Google is going to be hiring someone to be Batman, I certainly hope that they'd consider me for the position, because I think I could do really well in that role.

Got to meet some cool people there, including Mako who apparently wanted to meet me because he knew who I was. Finding out that other people know who I am and want to meet me.... that's kinda freaky. I mean, granted, we're not talking about Havoc Pennington-style rockstar status.