hottest. redhead. ever.

Just got back from an awesome date with Libby. I met her at Hot Topic while Daniel and I were shopping for some ass-kicking Nintendo shirts - she works there. I hit on her and asked her for her phone number - which apparently caught her off-guard, as she actually gave me her real number - and we just had a pseudo-date tonight at Pizzeria Uno.

Reasons why Libby kicks ass:

  1. Redhead.
  2. Cynical.
  3. Killer sense of humor.
  4. Gorgeous.
  6. She knows what Linux is.

There are more, but I'm stoked enough right now that I can hardly concentrate. I'll update more later on.

In other news, Chris Blizzard is hitching a ride up to Ottawa with Daniel and myself. We're doing the road trip with Rik van Riel and his wife, as well as Dave Jones.

Life kicks so much ass that my cheeks are starting to hurt.