instant embarrassment

Daniel and I originally planned on staying in Canada until Tuesday or so; instead, we left yesterday and got a head start. We made excellent time on the trip home; it took just over five hours for us to make it from Ottawa to Nashua, including two stops for gas.

OLS registration: \$250 CDN
Hotel stay at Les Suites: \$215/night, CDN
Pizza at 2AM: \$20 CDN
Two tanks of gas: \$40 USD
The look on Steph's face when we showed up three days early: Priceless

(Incidentally, that Mastercard marketing campaign was simply stunning. Hooray for corporate marketing!)

Seriously, though; the look on Steph's face was just awesome. The apartment is a total mess; she didn't do any laundry, and everything is awesome. Her hair looks dead sexy though. (She dyed it red, apparently just finishing the process before we got home.)

OLS rocked. Daniel and I both agreed that we definitely have to do it again next year, only next time 1) We're taking our time getting up there. Two or three days each way. There's too much fun stuff that we missed out on this time. And 2) Steph has gotta go with us. Maybe we can get her involved in some sort of documentation effort, or translation, or something; it doesn't really matter. I'm sure we can get her involved in the community somehow, and once she is she'll have a valid reason for coming.

And one of the few things that sucked about OLS was not having Steph around. I really wasn't expecting to miss her that much, but I did.

Now. Since we're back home, there's this rather large Netserver LXr Pro which needs an operating system. I've got the idea into my head that I want LDAP user accounts and Kerberos passwords in the apartment, so we'll see. I need to get an OS booting on this thing first though, which looks like it may actually be easier said than done...