I feel like the Russian hacker from Goldeneye. I AM INVINCIBLE! Over the course of one day, managed to wrangle IE into actually rendering my site halfway decently (which it should've done in the first place), and also finally figured out a solution to an annoying problem with Apache and customized header/footer templates for automatic indexing. If that doesn't make sense to you, good.

Other random things of coolness: Xcode has amazingly well-integrated CVS support. Apple kicks ass. Also, Safari kicks ass. I like Apple's implementation of the CSS2 text-shadow property in KHTML. I'm also thinking about redesigning my site once more since I've had the current design up for over a year now, and I'm bored with it. It's a pain in the arse, especially for cross-browser compatibility, and I'm itching to try out a few other look'n'feel combinations. DanielS has suggested that I should try to become a DD. I find this amusing, mostly because of how many discussions I've had with DanielS where I have ranted about how much I hate Debian. Good times.

update: check out the customized output that I struggled for hours to achieve! Marvel at how much less cool it is than it should be!