it's 4am

mpyne has called me out and made it public that I have Grand Plans for a pyblosxom plugin which will read (via XML-RPC) a chunk of text and then throw it on the blog if it likes it.

The trick is getting the plugin to like it.

My idea currently is to make the chunk of text a valid GPG-signed message. Have the server plugin read it in, decode it, check the signature against the configured key ID from the pyblosxom config file, and then if all of the criteria match, post it on the blog.

Have a few small issues to work out, but it looks like a lot of the hard work has been done for me. daniels wrote a Perl script that sort of does this if you filter email into it, but I hate Perl and the setup for that is annoying. Editing pyblosxom's config files is easy; I doubt that I'm going to end up losing data that way. If I somehow misconfigure a mail server, such that everything for my email ends up at or something, I'll be fucked.

And I don't like that. So, I guess this is the part where I formally announce that I have intentions to actually finish this module (since I have a half-aborted attempt at it from a while back), clean up the code so that my key ID and stuff are no longer hardcoded into it, and then there might actually be a public release.

(Of course, once it's out, a KDE app which will be able to post to it, probably by using DCOP to communicate with KGPG, will be forthcoming.)