looking at laptops

I've been looking at a few laptops lately. Apparently the model I've been ogling - the hp nx7010 - is very much similar to the Compaq X1000 (which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone). I have decided that the specs that I want are:

  1. Centrino. Pentium M or bust, I say. (It's the only way I'm likely to get any decent battery life out of a laptop these days.
  2. Wide-screen 8:5 aspect ratio. I suspect that 1280x800 may be too small; 1440x900 seems about right, but I will probably love 1680x1050 as well, but the important thing is that it's wide-screen.
  3. I would really prefer it without an OS but the other two specs have so far made this look extremely unlikely, as the only manufacturers I've seen happen to be stuck with nasty evil agreements with Microsoft. (see previous rant.)
  4. Oh, also. I need at least half a gig of RAM, a 40 gig hard drive, a mobility Radeon would be nice (since it seems like the mobile GeForce chips aren't that prevalent in the Centrino machines...), a DVD/CDRW combo drive, Firewire, and gigabit ethernet.

Yeah, it sounds like what I want is basically a Powerbook, I know. Except that since I'm going to be working at redhat, I get the feeling that an Apple laptop would be sort of ... bad karma.

We'll see what happens.