lseek(fd, 0x5c, SEEK_SET)

Our Intel rep managed to secure me an 802.11a/b/g mini-PCI card for my ThinkPad. Direct from Intel. Totally sweet.

Somehow managed to get the ThinkPad apart, and dropped in the new card, and connected the antennae, and turned it on, and was greeted rather rudely by two beeps and the infamous Error 1802.

I was prepared for this though. I expected to spend the rest of the day hacking around IBM's evil authorized-miniPCI-card whitelist and being otherwise 1337 just like mjg59. But instead, I found the source for a neat little hack that resets part of the nvram to a magic value and disables the whitelist check.

All this means for those of you who don't speak Geek is that I overrode some IBM stupidity and made my hardware work the way it should. Which should have been much easier, but hey, this is Linux, and we like things like lseek(fd, 0x5c, SEEK_SET) just fine.