It's 5AM.

I'm blind, and it's dark. Music from Metal Gear Solid 3 floats through my apartment and yet I can still hear the drops of blood hitting the surface of the water as my nose drains.

Nosebleeds have been a pretty common occurrence for about as long as I can remember; I've had them ever since I was a little kid. They've started back up recently, after I had gone several months without having any. I'm not sure exactly why but I think it might be somewhat related to drinking soda. (While I was caffeine-free for that six weeks or so, I didn't have a single nosebleed.) I've recently started drinking the stuff again, since it's easier to drink it than not to, but I may have to rethink that choice in light of this.

Oh well.

Speaking of Metal Gear Solid 3, I finally sat down and played through the rest of it. I had gotten farther along than I thought before I stopped playing it back in November, and the game is just amazing. I can't think of enough words to describe how much I enjoyed playing through this game.