my new apartment

Moved into my new apartment on the 25th and I've been chilling with Tony down in Boston for the past few days. Life is good! I have no furniture, but I have a TV, my computer, and cable internet.

I also have no food. Nor do I have any cooking tools, like pots or pans or knives, to cook food, if I did have some. My fridge looks pretty typical of what I'd guess most bachelors' fridges look like; there's donuts and some leftover pizza (if you can call Pizza Hut pizza, anyway).

Steph was supposed to fly up this weekend, but her boss was evil and told her she wouldn't have a job to come back to if she did. Which sucks. And my aunt was supposed to come up to visit, but she had to put out some fires with one of her tenants, so that hasn't happened yet. So they've both ditched me but it's ok; everything is going to work out just fine. Steph is on another "I think I want to move up there" kick. Hopefully this one will actually result in her moving up here. I've got my fingers crossed, but I'm not holding my breath.

Other than that... the tattoo looks awesome, still, and damn, but I need a desk and a chair for this computer. Hrm.