ols rocks

Daniel and I drove up with Chris Blizzard for OLS, and we've been here since Sunday. The conference is kicking *major* ass, and I've gotten to meet tons of awesome people.

The bourbon that Bdale and Keith picked up completely knocked me on my ass though. I was completely out of commission on Tuesday, and barely managed to recover for Wednesday's activities.

Canada. What more can I really say? Like home, but just different enough to fuck with me. It's cool here, though; the wifi from the balcony is sort of spotty, but otherwise the room is awesome. More alcohol than I thought could be consumed has been.

Trying to convince Steph to start blogging. No luck as of yet.

Daniel is cramming hard for some deadlines. Which sucks for him. I feel kind of weird, being alone out here on the balcony, knowing that everyone else is asleep already. Good time to blog, though.

Kind of missing home, oddly enough. Never been homesick like this, not since the parents moved me to Arizona. Also, my mind keeps wandering back to Libby.


Overall, though - surprising quantities of ass-kickery have shown up in my life lately, and I'm still frankly quite shocked at it. If only life could be this badass all the time.