palm rant

I blogged last month about switching my phone to Vonage, which has gone swimmingly well. I'm really happy with Vonage, in that I haven't had to deal with them at all because their product just works (which is so rare in our industry that it's scary, and I'm sad that I even find it noticeable that I'm commenting on it), and also in that the features they provide seem to work really well. Being able to check my voicemail from the web is totally badass.

That said, since I no longer have a cell phone to keep my address book on, I decided to pick up a Palm once more. After checking out a few models and consulting with coworkers, I decided to pick up the Tungsten E2.

I put my order in on Tuesday, December 6th, and I made sure to select 'Overnight shipping' because I'm an impatient bastard and I want it now. I would've gone into a store to buy it, but it came with a free 128MB MMC flash card when I bought it online from Palm, and like a sucker, I decided to go for the freebie.

(I also noticed, just after submitting my order, that Amazon was selling the same exact handheld, sans the 128MB flash card, for \$150. D'oh.)

I just got a mail from Palm, today, informing me that my order has been shipped.

I won't have it until Monday; even if UPS does deliver it tomorrow, I had it scheduled for an office delivery since I expected to be at work, and I'm not planning on going in to the office tomorrow.

In other words, by the time I get it, it will have been almost a week since I placed the order. With "Overnight" shipping.