rant part deux

Several people were kind enough to point out that this code: for i in xrange(foo): print i actually wouldn't work. Thanks, I'm an idiot. I should have had: for i in xrange(len(foo)): print i

Next, yet another method of reversing/iterating backwards over a list has been suggested in multiple places, one which I didn't know about. foo = ['one', 'two', 'three']bar = foo[::-1]

The only thing I can possibly say to that is... but the ternary operator is too obscure? C'mon, give me a break. This provides the ability to have tons of random line noise and make your code just as unreadable.

And, Seth: Since I couldn't catch you on IRC earlier, I'll just reply here.

Multiple issues to respond to, so let me break it down.

  1. You seem to be confused as to what I was complaining about with list.reverse(). It's not that I want a copy of the list, exactly, but I want the return value of list.reverse() to be sane, which in my exceedingly humble opinion, it is nowhere near.
  2. I'm not upset, mind you, just mildly annoyed, by the iteritems()/enumerate()/xrange() issue. And the reason that it's annoying to me is because it's inconsistent. Some of the iterator methods are global and some of them are not. Inconsistency is lame. End of topic.
  3. Ternary operators seem to be quite the polarizing issue so I'll just leave my stance exactly where it is. I think they're useful, and I'd like to have them, but obviously I can work around the language not having them...
  4. Especially since Python doesn't have sane scoping, either; the method-local and class-local scoping rules provide the opportunity for way too many obscure and annoying bugs. I note that you didn't respond to my issue with scoping at all.

Oh, also, a friend of mine has offered to send you a copy of the Smalltalk book, where he says that they solved the problem of doing lambdas and maps efficiently.

I'll kindly ignore your not-so-subtle digs at my programming ability (or perceived lack thereof) and refuse to insult you for liking Python. Mind you, I still think it's a useful language, but I'm just annoyed at the inconsistencies and some pet features (like ternary operators, or sane scoping) that I wish it had.