it's been almost a week since my last blog! damn. I resolved to make sure to update this more often. not even four weeks and I'm already falling behind.

yesterday was fun. Caitie, Nuge, Brandi, Josh, and I all went to Red Sea. Kevin was over there (surprise surprise!) and Cliff showed up eventually, as did Steph, It was like a party or something, almost. everybody's decided that they're going to throw me a huge going-away party, although the little details (like "when" and "where") have yet to be decided. sounds like good fun though.

Steph took advantage of Brandi being there, and apologized to her. Or so she says. haven't heard Brandi's side of the story yet. still, it's nice to hear that Steph's trying to be less caustic. she got me a gift yesterday, too, completely unexpectedly. the Onion calendar. hooray! new Onion every day for the rest of the year.

that's about all. the last week hasn't been that interesting. tonight should be, though. Caitie and Nuge and I have finally agreed to do our intervention with Jessica. no idea how that's going to go, but ... it needs to be done. Jessica is a really great friend, and an amazing woman, and she deserves far better than what she's currently getting. anyway.