would you put your brain in a robot body?

Wade: No, I don't have a robot answering my email. My robots are busy preparing for the ... I mean, uh, what robots? I don't have any robots.

I do have three totally awesome computers now, though (not including my work laptop). The first one is my Mac mini, which rules, but it's not the focus of this entry.

Over the past week or so, I'd run into some really odd stability issues with my AMD64 box. I decided to go to CompUSA and pick up a new motherboard, since the last issue I had with an AMD64 machine was also the mobo. Bring the new mobo back home. Remove the old one, move parts over to new one, hook up power connectors, flip the switch, and ... nothing.

The damned thing didn't even POST.

Somewhat frustrated, I decided to work on assembling my other new system. I've had a spare CPU, some extra RAM, and a slew of video cards laying around for a while now, so the only thing I really needed to pick up was a new case and a motherboard for this box. It's an "old" AthlonXP 1700+ - I figure it's probably worth me keeping a system around that can do AGP and run fast enough to prevent me from throwing it out the window.

The assembly on my new system went pretty well, until the part where I attempted to attach the power cable. The power supply I was using was a 24-pin, designed for the power requirements of the newer AMD64 systems. Normally, it wouldn't be too hard to plug in a 24-pin cable into the 20-pin socket on the motherboard, except that the mobo I picked up happens to have the IDE pins right next to the ATX pins.

And there was much frustration.

I was about to give up, but for some reason I decided to read the manual for the power supply in the new case that showed up, and if you look at page 3 in the manual, you should see the picture that made my night.

The other power supply can break off the extra four pins so that I can use it on the motherboard.

I returned to CompUSA and got a replacement for the busted motherboard, and brought it home and set it up, and this one actually works, so now I've got both systems up and running beautifully.

My only issue now is that I need a DVI/USB KVM.