st. anger

I've been really getting into Metallica's St. Anger lately. I don't know why. You can hate me now, I guess - I know that all of the TRUE METALLICA FANS hate anything more recent than the Black album (which was good, of course). I guess I'm not a TRUE METALLICA FAN then. that, and of course anybody who likes Metallica must have hated Napster. I have some news for you people - Napster was cool, but most of the stuff that people had on there was shitty. Too many idiots with broken CD rippers made too many shitty single MP3 copies. The real draw for me with Napster was the fact that I could find people with similar music interests, not the quality of the songs. besides, Ogg Vorbis kicks MP3 ass.

in other news, not much is going on. watched some old home videos with Steph tonight - vintage stuff from the summer before last. good times. we had dinner at NYPD. reminds me of how much I miss playing hockey. (Danny Schowe used to work there. I don't think he does anymore, sadly. He was on my hockey team back in high school though.)

also good: Radiohead's Hail it to the Thief. I don't know why but it feels like the whole album is different interpretations of the same emotion. I like it though. need to get my hands on some more of their stuff. I hear Kid A was pretty good.