you're probably teeming with plague juice


It's been waaay too long since I updated.

The holidays were relatively uneventful, as were the days leading up to them, so there wasn't really too much to blog about.

However, the past week has been complete insanity. Where should I start?

Starting off: Kyle got here on December 28th. Seems like a short amount of time, and yet so long ago all at once. His arrival coincided with the arrival of my copy of a used copy of Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo (which is arguably one of the best video games of all time). We opted instead for the classic Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, however, and spent a few days playing that and fucking around with Super Metroid as well.

Once my paycheck rolled in (on December 31st), I made sure to remember to write the rent check, and then Kyle and I rolled down to New York. We dropped my car off at my uncle Ed's place in Amityville and then took the train into the city where we walked around for a couple of hours trying to get close to Times Square for the ball dropping. We ended up about two blocks away, at the corner of 40th St and 7th Ave. Amazing time. I couldn't have imagined what a million people on the streets of New York City would look like, but I can say that it was absolute insanity. We then hooked up with Ray, Mo, and Dan at the corner of 38th and 7th and we walked around for a while hunting things to do. Had a pizza in Little Italy, then managed to make it back to Penn Station for a 5AM train back out to Amityville. Slept.

Following day (the first of the new year, huzzah) we drove out to go meet up with Kyle's dad, who still lives on Long Island. Met a *ton* of Kyle's family. Had amazing Chinese food at the Golden Dragon. Slept at Kyle's dad's place.

Woke up, had breakfast at a kick-ass diner. Kyle's little sister is shockingly bright, and only six years old. We left from there, and met up with Sharissa and our buddy The Cabeza in Middle Island. Had ice cream at Friendly's, went to Wal-mart, picked up Shaun of the Dead (fucking brilliant, loved it), and then went to go see Meet the Fockers at the theater. Tickets were \$9.75 apiece (ow) and we didn't even think about popcorn or food. Sharissa talked her mom into letting us crash at her place.

Next day started, we spent some more time with Sharissa and then we had to leave to get back to my uncle's place in Amityville. Had dinner of leftover Chinese food and pizza. Slept there, then woke up before the sun to start the day since Ed and his family had to leave the house by 7:30AM and so we had to be out so they could lock up. Bummed around the island a bit, picked up some bagels that are so good they scared us, drove back over to the Longwood Public Library to see if it was open at 8:30. It wasn't. We brainstormed for a bit and decided to pick up some soda. Picked up said soda, went back to the car, decided to go check out our old elementary school and see if any of our old teachers were still there. Answer: Negative. Every single one of them has either retired or moved on to the middle or high schools. Kind of depressing, that. Then we went back to the library, as we'd killed enough time for them to open up, and I promptly got a call from Vinny. We went over to his place, geeked out with more old-school video games and had a good time hanging out and catching up with his family. His mom got married a couple of weeks ago and failed to inform anyone. The wedding is August 19th. Have to go to that. From Vinny's, we drove back up here to NH, where we slept, bringing us to today.

Woke up at about 1PM, finished off Zelda (damn, that game is still awesome even after all this time) and had some of the bagels we picked up. Stayed mostly comatose the whole day long, until Steph decided it was time to go get dinner. We had dinner at Pizzico, then I had to take Kyle to the airport.

All in all, a damned good time and a crazy hectic week. The only regret is, total hacking activity of the past week: zero.

Hopefully now that I'm back I'll get to kick things up again. Email was surprisingly merciful while I was gone, so there isn't that much to catch up on.


All right, I'm out. Later, everyone.