the black death is coming

I have decided that from now on I'm going to use random Sealab quotes (or maybe one-liners from as my blog titles.

Cassie totally kicks ass. (Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now may ask yourselves - Cassie? Who is this Cassie? And what happened to Libby?)

No, my blog has not in fact turned into a soap opera. As cool as that would be, I think that the technologies involved are nowhere near the level that they would need to be for real soap opera goodness. However, my own personal life has been pretty complicated lately, so I'll lay it out...

Libby was awesome and I hit on her at Hot Topic, where she works - however, despite my initial interpretation of good signals, Libby apparently doesn't want a boyfriend, and she doesn't actually seem to want to hang out with me even as friends, so she's been written off.

Cassie on the other hand, completely rules. She hit on me on the Internet, which is a first, and she also lives relatively close. She just moved into the dorm at a college that is about half an hour away, and I went over there today. We watched Underworld, which was awesome in the same terrible way that Starship Troopers was. Some of the worst acting I've ever seen, coupled with impressive special effects and the most predictable plotlines you could ever imagine, and I'm hooked.

Let's see, what else? Cassie is short. Really really short. Like five foot one short. And she's really cute. Her hair is brunette (which is ok, as redheads are all batshit insane anyway) and it's terrifyingly long. She's eighteen, which is ok, since I'm still only twenty, but she acts a bit more mature than most of the other eighteen year olds that I know, so we'll see how that works out. She also is a huge video game fanatic, which is ridiculously sweet. And her favorite Final Fantasy was VII, which is a pretty damned good choice for a favorite.

She also knows every single Sealab quote that I've thrown at her. Which for some reason is a huge turn-on to me. She laughs at my jokes, too, and she even completes some of the quotes when I start them.

So, life is interesting, at least. Just when I've actually really decided to give up on women, fate throws another one at me. I should really do this whole "giving up on women" thing more often, if this is the result...