the other british dave

Spent the entire weekend hanging out with Dave Jones, kernel slacker extraordinaire, and his wife Victoria (aka veebl). Great people, great times. I dragged them down to Boston so that we could hunt down this comic book shop I had found once by accident with daniels, and after we walked around quite a bit we managed to find it. Note to self: Kendall Square is nowhere near Kenmore Square. Need to remember that next time.

Dave also handed me a kick-ass Voodoo3 card, which is awesome, since I've been trying to hunt one down for a long time now. Problem is, it appears to be an AGP1 card, which would be great except that AGP1 cards do not in fact fit in AGP8 slots. So I can't use it in my badass desktop. It looks like I'm going to have to build a machine with older parts. Good thing I still have 512M of RAM and a spare Athlon kicking around here.

Steph moved out of the apartment again. She and Mo moved into a two-bedroom in the same complex, but we haven't hung out in weeks. It's kinda nice having the place all to myself again, now that it's actually quieted down around here. People have been over non-stop for weeks because I've been hosting Battlestar Galactica fests with the miniseries DVDs. I think that BSG is probably the most ass-kicking show on TV right now, and I've imparted this wisdom unto my coworkers and friends, even when they didn't necessarily want it.

Oh, speaking of forcing my will on others. So the whole reason that we went down to Boston was so that I could indoctrinate veebl with Transmetropolitan. I'm happy to report that davej and veebl are both already huge fans of Bill Hicks, Invader Zim (and by extension, Jhonen Vasquez), and Ed Wood. Which means that Sam needs to come up here and visit me at some point, because I think we'd all get along great.

I have ordered the Canadian release of Ginger Snaps. If you're into really awesome B-movie style monster flicks, it's perfect and you should already own it. If you're not a fan of the genre, you must suck and that's why I don't talk to you. And if you are a fan but you don't know it, GET IT. It's a story about two loner sisters who make a suicide pact with eachother but one of them ends up being bitten by a werewolf. Their mother is played by Mimi Rogers (who is amazingly hot for an older woman) and she does a scary great job in her role. The rest of the movie is also filled with great moments, but I'll leave it to you to pick it up and find out what they are. I picked mine up from DV Depot - if you do go there, tell'em that I sent you. (I have no idea what they'll do if you do, but I think it'd be cool if a dozen people went and bought this DVD and put a comment in saying 'clee sent me' - maybe they'd give me some sort of freebie or something.)