this sucks

I've been friends with lypanov (aka Alexander Kellet) for a while now; at least, I've considered us friends for a while. He's a great guy, he's really cool, and we've always gotten along pretty well.

Yesterday, he posted an entry to his blog stating that he was giving up on KDE, and immediately thereafter, he logged off of IRC (before I had a chance to ask him what was going on). Within the hour, I had received half a dozen emails asking me why our own developers were giving up on our project and if KDE had a future.

Now, I don't consider myself to be a fascist dictator by any means, but at the time the only options I saw were to leave things the way they were and field the questions, ask him to change his entry (which I vehemently disagree with), or to remove his blog temporarily until I had a chance to chat with him and find out what was going on.

Unfortunately, as a result I've been asked remove Peter Rockai's blog. Peter's also a really cool guy who I've gotten along with pretty well so far, and he brought up a really good point - which is that I should have done this (replying in public about the issue) from the start. I wish that I had. Now apparently Alex doesn't want to be back anyway (which I can understand) and Peter is gone as well.

Ugh. What does everyone else think? Feel free to email me your thoughts, or if you've got a blog syndicated here, feel free to post a reply on it.