tungsten e2

My Palm arrived yesterday, finally.

I've been playing with it, and it seems to be a really cool device, barring a few issues. It feels very solid, and I like that. What I dislike is the software.

Don't get me wrong - I love PalmOS, but PalmOS 5 is trying to do things it's just not capable of and Graffiti 2 makes me want to throw my shiny new toy into a wall. For example, the hack that the PalmOS guys are using for showing focus selection? It breaks with at least half of the color themes that they ship on the device, because it doesn't draw the halo properly on the buttons. And the fact that I can't create my *own* color theme annoys me, too.

I need to figure out some way to get Graffiti 1 working on this thing. I'm using a demo version of TealScript for now but it's a little on the slow side and I don't really like the idea of paying \$30 for it, especially since it's *not* a faithful reproduction.

Sync works great over Bluetooth to my Mac mini, which is pleasing. The pilot-xfer command-line utilities on Linux seem to work very well too, which is good; I haven't tried any other utilities yet, but I will soon.