we have bigger problems than a butter shortage

and I never thought I'd say that.

Things with Cassie are as complicated as ever. Still trying to figure out the whole situation; she has officially given me the "Just Friends" label, but I keep getting this vibe that she wouldn't mind being more at some point. Maybe it's just hope.

Lon tried talking me into buying a motorcycle at one point in the past couple weeks. Blizzard also recommended it, as he's the proud owner of a new bike. I suggested the idea to Steph, who promptly called me an idiot and threatened to not be my friend anymore. I'm still surprised by the things that anger her. She doesn't seem to have a valid reason for it, and when I probed for more details she pretended like she had already brought up the "But you'll kill yourself!" argument (which she hadn't).

Cliff's new language is shaping up to be interesting. I never really dug the Smalltalk syntax (from what I saw of it) but I do like ObjC and Ruby is my preferred scripting language these days.

Tia came to visit, and she kicks ass. It was awesome while she was here; it sucks now that she's gone, because I have nobody to cuddle with. Steph has a boyfriend, and even when she doesn't, she doesn't like cuddling with me so that's out. Oh well - it was awesome while it lasted. Hopefully Tia'll be back up soon. And more of my friends will come out to visit me.