what kind of madman are you?!?!

mattr just asked me on IRC why exactly it is that I want to write YAIMC (Yet Another Instant Messenger Client) and this is my response, for those of you who aren't really paying attention.

09:55 [mattr] clee: then why don't you spend time to either suggest improvements or improve the other existing ones?
09:55 [clee] mattr: Because the kinds of "improvements" that I'm going to suggest for kopete and for gaim and for every other client out there will get A) Laughed at or B) Ignored
09:55 [mattr] clee: and you know this how?
09:55 [clee] mattr: Ok, let's see your reaction to these suggestions.
09:56 [clee] 1) Drop every protocol except OSCAR.
09:56 [clee] 2) Strip out most of the 'plugin-based' API for everything.
09:56 [clee] 3) Redesign the UI to not suck.
09:56 [ShawnLaptop] clee: what kind of IM protocols will it support than?
09:56 [clee] ShawnLaptop: ICQ and AIM.
09:56 [clee] Which are the only ones that I give a flying fuck about.
09:56 [ShawnLaptop] MSN, Jabber, Yahoo?
09:56 [clee] Fucke'm.
09:57 [clee] er, Fuck'em.

There was a lull while mattr went to go get lunch, and then the discussion started back up again.

10:36 [mattr] clee: you better hope your IM client isn't any good, because then people will want you to have plugins, and support other protocols. :P
10:36 [clee] mattr: Oh, it won't be.
10:36 [clee] mattr: As a matter of fact, I'm going to hardcode my username and password into it.
10:37 [clee] mattr: There will be zero preferences, because all behavior will be hardcoded to exactly the way that *I* like it
10:37 [clee] mattr: And if anybody doesn't like it, they can go fuck themselves and/or fork it themselves
10:37 [mattr] heh
10:38 * mattr notes that he neither laughed nor ignored clee's suggestions. :P
10:38 [clee] mattr: But you won't implement them.
10:38 [clee] mattr: And if you did, you'd ruin Kopete.
10:38 [clee] so it's ok.

To be honest, I may not even release the code to the rest of the world. What with my username and password being hardcoded into it. But we'll see.