whoops! dart in your neck

My evil plot to subvert GNOME is slowly taking shape. Todd Berman is talking about having me help him with some C# bindings for libgaim. Not only will this rock because I may have a decent API to model my own IM client's after once the C# bindings are working, but it has the benefit of letting me learn a lot more about C# and Mono.

So many things I need to take care of tech-wise... still have to actually run a power cord to the quad PPro in the closet, have to set up LDAP accounts on it and Kerberos with some sort of filesharing for the home directories and then get the client computers here to work properly with that. Want to set up Ubuntu on one of my machines here since it seems to be pretty cool and I'm all about Debian without the brain damage. Need to figure out whether or not to leave the Radeon 9600 in my desktop or put back in the Radeon 8500 (or the GeForce4MX since the nvidia driver is the only one that actually gives reasonable performance with Composite right now...)

Not to mention work stuff. Oy. Not enough hours in the day. And where the hell are my clones, dammit? I'm kinda under-staffed here.