why are women evil?

ok, I have a problem. I have a problem with women, specifically. I won't name any names but I know you're reading this out there, and this entry is all because of YOU.

with that said, what the hell? I move to NY and all of a sudden, it's like "Hey, you know... It's really too bad that you're in NY. And it's too bad that I have a boyfriend."

as if that's not bad enough, then it becomes "Oh... well, I guess since you're in NY I can tell you that I did like you. hahaha! Doesn't that suck? You're 2500 miles away! And you can't do anything about it! But I do have a boyfriend anyway. Still..."

so. completely. uncool.

I'm going to be beating myself over this for weeks. I can tell.

maybe Josh has the right idea. although apparently, the same sort of thing happened to him after he went gay - only it became "Hey, you know... It's really too bad that you're gay. I really liked you."

I mean, seriously. I'm not gay, and I don't think I ever could be, but you women are all evil.