would you like to take advantage of Wiretap Wednesdays?

No thank you.
No no no. Thank you.

Today's subject is somewhat related to this entry though; I got a phone call this morning from my friend Randelle, who I haven't heard from in months. She's in the Army, stationed over in Germany at the moment. She isn't a big fan, apparently. We talked for a while - I was amazed. I shudder to think what the phone bill will be like for her friend, who had lent Randelle her phone.

Other new things... I saw Blade: Trinity last night. I liked it. I was a fan of the first two movies, though, and I love comics, so you probably shouldn't allow my opinion to sway you unless you also liked both other movies. If you did, this is more of the same - not much new, aside from Ryan Reynolds making lots of jokes about mostly stupid shit. (Right up my alley, of course, so I loved it. As did Steph. She is a huge Ryan Reynolds fan, of course.)

Steph was pissed that I withheld the name of the actress who played the lead vampire bitch in the movie though. I honestly couldn't remember her last name. Steph couldn't remember anything except that her name started with a 'P' - I got 'Parker' stuck in my head for some reason but the 'Posey' just didn't click.

Afterwards, I mentioned this to Steph and was immediately met with the Silent Treatment for being such a dick. Good times. (I wasn't intentionally being a dick, but oh well. Such is life.)

Must convince more people to learn Esperanto. I'm getting tired of speaking English. (And I could have sworn I caught some Esperanto in the movie, but I may just be hearing things.)