wonder if it's legal to sell this stuff to kids

Work continues to rock. I was at the office until about half past ten tonight and I didn't even realize it. Crazy, but in a good way.

Talked to Kyle. He's flying up to Long Island tomorrow. We're working out the whole schedule for me to go visit him while he's there - I think I'm driving down on Saturday but we'll see what happens. Haven't seen that crazy bastard in months, so there's no way I can miss this - he doesn't come up here that often. Have my fingers crossed - hoping that I can score the condo out in Moriches bay for Saturday night and Sunday morning, but I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch...

Cassie continues to surprise me with new levels of ass-kickery. I'm still absolutely shocked that someone as cool as her is remotely interested in me. Not complaining, mind you, but this kind of thing simply doesn't happen to yours truly.

Still haven't gotten tired of macaroni and cheese. Which is a really good thing, I think, since I suspect I'm going to be eating it pretty frequently for the next few days. Until I get paid on Wednesday that is. (Which dovetails nicely with Cassie swinging by. Should remember to clean the apartment before she gets here. It'd be terribly embarassing if she got lost in the mess.)

Steph continues to amuse me. I have high hopes that she'll figure out what it is that she wants someday, but I don't know when that day will be. The sooner the better. Should be interesting to see how she and Cassie get along... they still haven't met yet.

For some reason, the scent of saltwater was really strong in the air when I was driving home from visiting Cassie at the dorm. This was unexpected, but extremely pleasant. I miss the ocean.