wonder where all the socks came from

I'm personally fine with broadcasting my personal life over the internet to whoever's interested. It's sort of an exhibitionist thrill, but I understand that it's definitely not for everyone.

Having said that, I've got the good sense not to blog about anything too personal on here, as I know that anybody could read it.

As far as "the goal of planetkde" - the goal that I've set for it is exactly what it says in the disclaimer. It's the aggregation of public weblogs written by KDE contributors; that means that if they only want me to feed from their KDE topic, then I will; but if they don't mind having the rest of their info on the site too, then I'm fine with that as well. So long as the blog content isn't direct obvious flamebait, I'll have no reason to mess around with things. Also, although I think it sounds cool to rule with an iron fist, I'm far too lazy to do that.

Now, since this is actually a personal entry (and not a tech/KDE one) I have to say that I'm super excited because my friend Steph is moving up here and she's leaving in less than three weeks! Seriously. My life just keeps on kicking more ass. On top of that, Daniel's coming up in three weeks and three days, and we're leaving for OLS on the seventeenth, I think. Everything rocks. And Red Hat is the coolest place to work, ever.