world of warcrack

I attempted to hunt down a copy of World of Warcraft a few weeks ago, in vain.

My searches were fruitless. I went to several Wal-Marts, Targets, and Gamestops. All were completely devoid of World of Warcraft loving. This made me sad.

I ended up going to go visit Tony (who I'll be dropping by to see again on the sixth for the Chinese New Year) and I crashed at his place after he, Rob, and I stayed up until way too late watching Battlestar Galactica at Rob's place. The following morning, we got up and I talked Tony into going to the Apple store. It wasn't that hard to convince him, actually. I just said "We're going to the Apple Store," and he complied. Once there, I had the instant flash of realization that the wonderful bastards at Blizzard put the Mac and PC versions of their games on the same CDs. Those crazy fools. I searched for the gem and - lo and behold - there were FIVE copies of WoW. I picked mine up, made sure it wasn't some book or gift card (like Target had. For shame, Target! For shame.) and I carried it to the line at the register and bought it.

The game is incredible. It's seriously just amazing. If only I had a decent video card, one that didn't overheat when I played it... And dealing with Windows is shitty.

Which is why I've bought a dedicated World of Warcraft box. It hasn't arrived yet, which irks me. But it should be here "on or before" the seventeenth of February, according to Apple. Huzzah for that.

That's about all that's new in the past few weeks. I'll attempt to blog more frequently - hey, I should dump my .plan on here sometime and see what people think - but it'd probably be easier if I had my blogging app working again. Sounds like a fun project for tonight!